MAC Monday

Hi Everyone.


I've just bought the MAC Pearlmatte Face Powder in the shade Pink Buttercream recently & thought it would be today's MAC Monday item, it is from the Baking Beauty's collection which was launched in spring/summer of 2013.

This item is described by MAC as a cool-toned, light-medium pink with a blueish-grey cast and a soft white shimmer sheen finish, as you will be able to tell this product has been used so the white-outer edge has faded, but the rest of the product is the same.

I'm not entirely sure how much this product retailed for when the collection was launched in 2013 but I do like the shade which I believe there was only 2 shades that where launched Pink Buttercream being 1 and In For A Treat being the 2nd, Pink Buttercream being the Pinkier Shade & In For A Treat being the Peachier Shade, both being floral design.

Pink Buttercream is very sheer but easily build-able which is pretty versatile depending on what look you're after, these Face Powders are intended to be a luminizer, powder & blush all in 1, which again for a frequent traveler like myself it's the perfect product.

It's best to swirl this product with your blush brush as because it contains roughly 4 different shades it can be a little patchy which a'lot of people have discovered with both of these Pearlmatte powders, however it's also pretty good because you can get 4 different shades out of one product, for example if you choose to use the white shimmer for a highlight alone you can, or if you want to apply the pink flowers & periwinkle petal's as a blush you can.

I personally use the outer shade as a highlight & use the flowers and petal's as a blush, as I'm quite pale I tend to find only very fair shimmer's work well for highlighting rather than pink shade's.

Overall I do like this product especially as I can get two different uses out of one product, which works wonders for my travelling however I wouldn't say it was my favourite product of all time, but for its versatility I love it.


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