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Hi Everyone.


Recently I had been sent something from a company called Sniffy Wiffy if you don't know what Sniffy Wiffy is all about here is a little introduction:

Sniffy Wiffy say they are a small family run company, with a BIG mission to give every woman the knowledge of how to perform a self-breast examination.
With themselves explaining "we all know the risks are very real and we probably all know someone affected, but hand on heart, do we all know exactly how to check our breasts for possible early vital signs of breast cancer"

Sniffy Wiffy aren't afraid to be different and definitely not embarrassed to talk about breasts, they say they had a light-bulb moment when they heard breast checks where best performed when skin is slightly slippery or wet, such as BODY LOTION, they thought why not have all the information on the labels?

Not only that but why not make the product's themselves, donating to charity along the way, and Sniffy Wiffy was born, and they have introduced a male range, with the same "educational twist" that shows men how to perform testicular checks.


I think the whole idea for this company is fantastic, I've never saw a product before that is made for breast or testicular cancer check's and with donating a proportion of the price to cancer research I believe is for such a good cause. 

They have a range of product's to choose from, prices ranging from £4-£8:
Massage Oils
Body Lotions
Body Scrubs
Hand Creams
Male Grooming
Gift Sets

I was sent a blueberry scented body lotion, which is packaged in a beautiful cardboard box with a black printed label, which I thought was super cute and perfect with the theme of this product, being that it is carefree to the environment as well as a product that help's you pick up on cancer.

 When I opened it I hadn't looked at what scent I was given, it instantly sent me back to my childhood, me and my sister sat smelling the lotion for a good 5 minutes, naming all the different things we had used in our childhood that remotely smelt like this product, unable to put our fingers on what scent it was, until I had found the label.

The actual product is wrapped lovely, placed inside a bunch of pink paper strips, it's breast cancer awareness colour paper too, sitting on top was a information card that lets you know their Facebook page, twitter, email and telephone number which I thought was a nice touch.

There is 5 easy step's on how to check your own breast's for any lump's is on the label of the jar.

The product itself is a thick body butter consistency, but when applied it soak's in very easily, and glides perfectly which is great for checking out any lumps and bumps, it smell's so divine really sweet but subtle and last's quite awhile, when I applied this I couldn't stop going back for a sniff.

Now that I've found this company it's a perfect thoughtful gift for any of my close friends and family, not only are you giving them a lovely smelling gift but showing you care about their health & well-being too.

I can honestly say I don't think I can pick a fault with this company or their product's, their scent's might not be for everyone but their motto certainly is I want to say a huge Thank you to Sniffy Wiffy for coming up with such a product that no doubt will help a lot of people in the future whether it be for catching cancer early, or giving people the knowledge to keep checking themselves regularly.

Rachel x

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    1. I love their idea & how much they are doing for such an amazing cause x

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