Lancaster Roberts.

Hi Everyone.

I've got something abit more special than usual today, an interview with a watch brand called Lancaster Robert's, when I first saw their watches I knew I just had to buy one, after much deliberation and chatting to Sarah the senior support officer I went ahead and purchased my first Lancaster Robert's Watch or timepiece as a lot of watch enthusiast's like use the term.

My Skincare Routine

Hi Everyone.

I've never done a routine post before so this is my first and I'm really excited about it! 
I'm the type of person who doesn't really stick to a skincare routine if they're complicated, but now I have one and I've never had one that worked so well for me up until now.

Review | Ebay Face & Eyeshadow Makeup Brushes.

Hi Everyone.

I've got a little not so little secret for you today which is these basic cheap Ebay makeup brushes that have been circling the internet for a little while now, don't let that they're cheap cloud your judgement because they're great, I'm a huge fan of the real techniques brushes but I actually prefer some of these Ebay brushes over the more expensive real techniques ones.

Review | Benefit Posie Tint

Hi Everyone.

Welcome back to another beauty review I've been getting quite creative so I've focused more on D.I.Y post's recently however I'm back with something more beauty related for you beauty lover's out there, today I'm letting you know what I think about the Benefit Posie Tint.

Review | Black & Sigi Jewellery (*)

Hi Everyone.

A little while ago I was contacted by the Clio one of the owner's of a little handmade jewellery company called Black & Sigi and I was lucky enough to be sent a beautiful ring to review, so here I am talking about this devine little jewellery company that create's the most beautiful edgey jewellery.

So let's get started!

D.I.Y | Homemade Honey Bubble Bath.

Hi Everyone.

Welcome back to another one of my D.I.Y post's I recently found this recipe on a phone app and wanted to share it with you because it remind's me a lot of the Laura Mercier Honey Bath which retails for £33 per 300g and is basically a bath milk/bubble bath to add extra moisture to your skin.

I love looking online at all the fantastic high end beauty and bath product's that I'd love to own and I find it almost as exciting when I find a recipe alternative to make at home myself, I've recently got creative over the past 6 month and find it really exciting to see how my version of these product's turn out.

So here is the recipe for my cheaper alternative.

Brains Brows & Beauty's 1st Blog Birthday.

Hi Everyone.


I can't believe I'm still here posting 1 whole year later, it's been such a wonderful year for me & my little space on the internet.

I want say Thank You to everybody who has been incredibly supportive.
 To my reader's and social media follower's you make this whole experience more enjoyable knowing people enjoy the same thing's I do and enjoy reading my post's encourages me to keep posting.

So Happy 1st Birthday to my little blog, let's see where we are next year.

How I Do My Eyebrows | Step by Step & Product List.

Hi Everyone.

I finally decided to do a post about my eyebrow's, Ive already published a post about HD Brow's which you can go and read if you click HERE but this post is more about how I keep my eyebrow's in shape and what product's I use to shape and fill them.