Tips for travelling.

Hi Everyone.

For the past four year's I've been a regular traveller, mainly Newcastle to Liverpool as my boyfriend has been as university and I've done a lot of visiting, so with university coming to an end in the not so distant future I thought I'd write a little post about all the tip's that I learnt through these four years.

Festive season, time to get creative.

Hi Everyone.

December is right around the corner and I am a self confessed christmas maniac, is it only November 21st when I'm writing this and I have already finished my christmas shopping and eagerly waiting to put my decoration's up.

Last year christmas came and went so fast I barely had time to enjoy it, so this year I've jumped right in and I can't get enough of trying to spread the christmas cheer, I've recently been feeling really crafty and would love to share with you all the different type's of christmas craft's that I'm going to be doing this month.

Happy Birthday to me & Happy 100th post.

Hi Everyone.

Today is my 24th Birthday (9th November) which actually also happens to be my 100th blogpost, I promise I didn't plan on writing a combined post but it's pretty special if you ask me.

Tortoise Info | Captain Winters' Story so far.

Hi Everyone.


Not long ago I wrote a post telling you that John and I got a tortoise, and I promised that I'd write a little more in detail about our experience so far, my first post was definitely the basic's of what's important to know before you get a tortoise, whereas today I'll tell you more about how thing's have gone while we've had him.

So meet Captain Winters.

We got a Tortoise.

Hi Everyone.

Yes you read the title right, John and I got ourself a little animal child, a tortoise.

What started off as a christmas joke turned out to be a pretty important couple decision, I was in the Royal Quays back at home and before I left I wanted to pop inside the pet outlet to see what little furries I could look at.

D.I.Y | Costa Coffee's Festive Flavours Orange Hot Chocolate.

Hi Everyone.

Since the festive time is almost upon us I did something that I probably should of done 6 month ago & that's buy the Costa orange syrup & hot chocolate powder, I pretty much got addicted to these last christmas & with them being pretty expensive as most coffee shop drink's are I thought I'd buy in bulk and save myself some money in the process.

Happy Halloween.

Hi Everyone.


Halloween is the start of my favourite time of year, there is so many different festivities including halloween, bonfire night, my birthday, and the huge run up to christmas that I love about autumn & winter.

What did you get up to this Halloween?